About a Bicycle Prod. is a Barcelona-based production company, created by Jaume Fargas in 2013, after years dedicated to the cinema in its several aspects, such as training, directing, and producing short films and audiovisual pieces. In 2015, the company release its first feature film, ‘Lluc Sky Walker’, after touring several international independent film festivals.

Jaume Fargas
  -Director and producer
He has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and in Cinematography by the prestigious French school ‘Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains’, where he learns from professors such as Robert Kramer, Raul Ruiz and Jean Luc Godard. In 2013 begins the adventure of creating its own production company, About a Bicycle Prod.

He was selected to participate in the Co-production Forum of the BeFilmFest, in the REC Festival and in the ‘First Test’ of the Festival l’Alternativa with his first feature film.

Sandra Reina -Productora
She has worked in the development and production of feature films as ‘Lluc Sky Walker’; ‘The Call’, ‘The Interpreter’ or ‘Summer 1993’ in the production company Inicia Films; also in projects of La Lupa Produccions, such as the documentary series ‘Katalonksi’, which is about to be release on TV3, ‘Els Xiquets de Hangzhou’ or ‘Fragile’, co-production with TVC, among others, and in the documentary ‘One day I saw 10,000 elephants’ from the production company Several Studio, also co-produced by TVC. She has worked at Catalan Films & TV and in Creative Europe Desk MEDIA Catalunya.

She was selected as a participant in the Rotterdam Lab in 2017.

About a Bicycle Prod. produces cinema in its several formats: from documentaries, ambitious feature films, author films, short films and any other audiovisual piece, always from the passion for the Seventh Art, sensitivity and a curious sense of humor.